And the absolute truth is that every single day is a struggle

His rallies seem to energize him (and cause Trump to go off message with self destructive rants), but all the negative coverage and the deepening slide in the polls seem to be depressing him. The man is nothing if not thin skinned. At some point, Trump could simply decide that this isn’t fun any more, and the hell with all those insiders who keep ridiculing him.

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handbags ysl replica When technology creates fake videos, so called deep fake, when a comedian accurately impersonates President Obama using voice manipulation; when fake stories travel faster than true ones on Twitter and where news feeds create filter bubbles we at the World Service have to be more ysl replica handbags china proactive in the battle for truth and accuracy.The Beyond Fake News season is telling stories from across the globe, including India, where the sharing of fake news about child abductions on WhatsApp led to mob murders; Brazil, where bots have been hijacking discourse across the political spectrum; and Africa, where online warriors are attempting to manipulate democratic processes.You can see many stories on the Fake News landing page here.This new season fights the challenges posed by fake news, instead of just reporting them. It is crucially important to understand why people share unverified information knowing that it may be untrue.On 12 November we will publish audience research from India and Africa investigating these motivations.We are holding major conferences across India and in Nairobi, bringing together key players in news, social ysl loulou replica media, technology, politics, and education, to seek solutions to the problem of fake news being shared, particularly on encrypted platforms.The audience research results will provide a framework for young IT experts to participate in solution seeking hackathons in Nairobi and Delhi, looking at how we can prevent people sharing fake information.To underpin this we sharing BBC videos and workshops that give practical help in recognising what fake and what real.I was one of the BBC staff mentors who delivered these workshops to British children. Our teams in Delhi and Nairobi felt it important that their audiences had access to similar materials handbags ysl replica.