I’ve had this several times but the most recent one has stuck

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100%, wilful destruction of property (or at least extreme indifference), when you factor in the cost of smart phones and expensive outfits like suede Id consider it felony charges.

canada goose If it cold out and you are soaking people in icewater in the mild of the night with no change of clothes Id even contemplate conspiracy to commit murder. canada goose

canada goose uk shop The licensed canada goose outlet new york city bar should know better, and having a large number of intimidating (and trained in mma etc) thugs waiting to harm anyone who objects to be assaulted by your gang would add on a bunch of extra charges. canada goose uk shop

Imo this happening buy canada goose uk a few times, the bar should have it license revoked (would also seize the bar and property in the right circunstances) as should any bartenders or bouncers.

All staff involved in this criminal conspiracy (in the right circumstances ie winter and the bouncers attack the guy who objects to being violently assaulted) should do 5 10 years minimum on felony assault and criminal conspiracy charges.

cheap Canada Goose This isn silly bullshit to play around with. cheap Canada Goose

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Canada Goose online I’m not sure how much attention this will get since I’m late to the party. I’ve had this several times but the most recent one has stuck with me vividly. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets In the dream, I was me, it was some further out year where technology had advanced, nothing to astronomical levels but holograms, hover boats, etc; it kind of reminded me of how CyberPunk looks. Canada Goose Jackets

Anyways, in this dream I was super human, but it was unique to me, canada goose outlet in montreal and nothing absolutely overwhelming. I had a higher strength, thought process, could jump at least 15 feet, if you’ve seen Parasyte, think of the main character.

I lived an entire life time in this dream, fell in love, made mistakes, ended up getting drugged at one point in a really smokey, neon lit bar and ended up able to shrug it off. Eventually, I ended up settling down with this woman, brunette hair, piercing green eyes, absolutely gorgeous and canada goose london uk down to earth. Ended up spending what felt like years, going to work, coming home to my wife and kids, visiting in laws.

The last thing I remember is looking at a picture of our family that we’d started and thinking that none of this would last, and I woke up.

Since then, I can’t forget that dream, or the 10 15+ years that felt like it went by while I was asleep. Since then I’ve also met the girl I want to spend my life with, and she reminds me so much of the person in the dream. Unfortunately I fucked the relationship up through my own arrogance and immaturity. We’re working on things, slowly, but there’s a fear in me that just like the dream, I’ll lose everything again. I’m trying my hardest every single day to canada goose sale uk salvage the one thing most important to me but I’m not entirely optimistic. I just hope she’ll give me a second chance.

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Canada Goose sale For me and my girlfriend, it would mean knowing we could have a place to live after the month is over, every debt we have vanishing, putting food in the apartment and gas in the car. I could give her some kind of Christmas. Canada Goose sale

It’d be a fresh start on life for us honestly, where we’re not pushing bills around or counting change to buy food. She just got employed after not being able to find a job in a while though, I’m so relieved that we have a second income again and if we can figure things out over the next month or so and catch up, I think we’ll be doing ok 🙂 we just gotta keep hanging canada goose black friday sale on.

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uk canada goose Had the same nagging voice recently. I just had a birthday a couple weeks back and invited a few close friends and my divorced parents to dinner. I allowed my parents to bring their new spouses since everyone attending were adults and can be amicable. uk canada goose

Well my step mom tries bringing canada goose on black friday my step brother, his wife and three kids. I tried to politely tell her no since it was a smaller gathering, and she uninvited me from my step sisters wedding, made sure my dad didn’t show up to my birthday dinner, and hasn’t talked to me since. Felt like an asshole at first but I had a great birthday regardless.

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Canada Goose Outlet For me, it wasn’t a learned skill rather than a change of mindset. Really think about why and if you give canada goose store a damn what strangers think. Chances are I’ll never canada goose outlet las vegas see most people I encounter again, so why should I care what they think for the next thirty seconds they might spend thinking about you or whatever you’re doing. Canada Goose Outlet

You can further extend it to your friends and family with another change of mind, I have a very close knit friend group, people I’ve known for years, I respect my friends and what they think on some things but I’m going to do what I https://www.buchholz-net.de want as long as it doesn’t harm them in some way and everyone’s usually cool about it. We all understand that our lives are just that, OUR lives. Of course we’ll question destructive behavior but if I decided to go out and lay around in a hotdog costume, I’m confident none of them would care, hell, some of them might join me. In our group people that tend to have a problem, it either gets brought canada goose outlet up and worked out, or they don’t stick around and we don’t give it a second thought. We are who we are, don’t like uk canada goose jackets it? Leave. It sounds kind of asshole like putting it this way but that’s how it is, and we’re not jerks about it. We’re just a group of chill, nerdy gamers and friends.

buy canada goose jacket It’s all about your mindset and the people you choose to surround yourself with. That’s all 🙂 buy canada goose jacket

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It astounds me that think that sub is a good idea. What good does bullying people who are obviously mentally ill do? That like fuel for Elliot Rodger types who will likely take that frustration out on people around them

E: Seriously, if you see people like this in real life, what do you gain from laughing at them? Yeah, people who are mentally unhealthy exist, some people quite literally live a third of their lives without any physical interaction with anyone else, they aren abominations, they people who for some reason or another have had a rough time of things. They need support and proper guidance, not scorn.