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moncler outlets uk However, more rapid growth has spread to the rest of the cluster: construction, utilities, property, finance, transport and car sales were particularly lively sectors, with sales growth ranging from 17 per cent to 32 per cent and employment growth of 12 per cent or more in the year. Employment growth in the education sector was also high at 15 per cent, but this primarily reflected transfers of employees from state schools to newly incorporated academies, rather than new employment.(Image: Cambridge Ahead)The data also shows how city firms are continuing to ‘cluster’ in similar areas, with many ICT companies congregating in the north of the city around the science parks, while moncler outlet online life sciences companies, which having also grown in the north, are now showing cheap moncler coats additional growth in the south and south east of the city too, with facilities like the Babraham Research Campus, Granta Park and the growing Biomedical Campus at Addenbrooke’s proving popular.On the other hand, the spread of other, non knowledge intensive businesses further out from the city into East Cambs and to the north and north west is also quite visible from trend maps of the sub region.A further sign of the cluster maturing is the growth of the larger companies in the sub region. There are over 100 companies employing over 250 people in the area and, while small company turnover and employment growth continued to be high at around 27 per cent and 19 cheap moncler per cent respectively, the largest companies also grew briskly at 26 per cent and 12 per cent.Bullock added: « It is interesting to see that growth spread through all sectors and outwards across the city region moncler outlets uk.